Czech Academy of Agriculture in Humpolec

Welcome to the Czech Academy of Agriculture in Humpolec, secondary vocational and technical school

Over 130 years

We celebrated the 130th anniversary of our school in 2017.

Over the decades, since its foundation in 1887, the Czech Academy of Agriculture in Humpolec has become an innovative modern institution pushing the boundaries of agricultural education possibilities.

Started as a small, one of many winter agricultural schools, the institution has soon transformed into a place providing education in plant production with focus on flax cultivation. Later on, a farm was purchased and a botanical garden  established, all for educational purposes. After the war years breeding was added on the list and in the 1960s the school finally got the status of a secondary educational institution, providing a range of subject fields to study, within the years extended by subjects like horse breeding and equestrian studies.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and struggle of people involved in the project, the institution has always managed to keep up with time.

Recent history


Due to the necessary savings and decreasing of bureaucracy, four related vocational and technical schools in Vysočina region, including the Secondary school of Agriculture, were fused.


The cooperation with the Czech University of Agriculture was promoted.


The institution renames The Czech Academy of Agriculture in Humpolec, Secondary Vocational and Technical School.


The Czech  Academy of Agriculture in Humpolec was the first in the Czech Republic to introduce hippo therapy as a field of study.

The Academy today

The Czech Academy of Agriculture in Humpolec is now recognised as one of the top regional vocational and technical secondary schools, and is home to 450 students from over the whole country.

We offer a wide range of programmes from four-year vocational and technical courses to three-year vocational courses, including programmes focusing both on strictly agricultural studies like agribusiness, as well as courses providing education and practical training in building and car industries.

Current courses

Four-year vocational and technical courses (completed by taking MATURITA, a certification school-leaving examination of secondary education)

  • 41 – 41 – M/01 Agribusiness - Ecoagriculture and Conventional Farming
  • 41 – 41 – M/01 Agribusiness - Horse Breeding and Equestrian Studies
  • 41 – 43 – M/02 Breeding - Cynology
  • 41 – 45 – M/01 Agricultural Mechanization and Services

Three-year vocational courses (completed by taking a certification apprenticeship school-leaving examination)

  • 23 – 68 – H/01 Auto Technician
  • 26 – 57 – H/01 Auto Electrician
  • 23 – 55 – H/02 Auto Body Technician
  • 41 – 55 – H/01 Agricultural Mechanic
  • 36 – 64 – H/01 Carpenter
  • 36 – 52 – H/01 Plumber
  • 36 – 67 – H/01 Bricklayer
  • 41 – 53 – H/02 Horse Rider and Breeder
  • 41 – 51 – H/01 Farmer

Further two-year technical course (completed by taking MATURITA, a certification school-leaving examination of secondary education)

  • 39 – 41 – L/51 Automotive Technician

Contact us

Telephone: +420 565 532 069
Fax: +420 565 532 205
E-mail address: cer(at)

Postal address:

Česká zemědělská akademie v Humpolci, střední škola
Školní 764
396 01 Humpolec


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